Sayef Zaman

Sayef is a guerrilla filmmaker based in Queens, New York. Born to working-class Bangladeshi immigrants, he always had an affinity for the creative arts, having played the bass, drums, and vocals for various bands in his young adult life. His passion for filmmaking grew after discovering the works of Robert Rodriguez and the DIY indie film movement of the 90s. After a series of different odd jobs, Sayef took a leap and started his own endeavor in low-budget filmmaking, beginning with his debut feature film “Probashi”, which was inspired by the immigrant experience in New York City. His latest short film, “Mr. Lockdown”, has been selected by the American Golden Picture International Film Festival in June 2020. With the spirit of punk rock and DIY filmmaking, Sayef uses experimental scores and camerawork on his films and draws inspiration from his own life to create his narratives and characters. He is currently building his body of work as a director.


PROBASHI is a story of alienation; an underdog on the sidelines of society. This is a story of the misunderstood, the unwanted, and the forgotten. Shoreef becomes a pawn of an organized underworld of New York City that gives him a new purpose. (STATUS COMING SOON)

A hyper-paranoid man's fear of the unknown come to life. This is the story of Kareem under lockdown. (STATUS COMING SOON)

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